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On Fri, 13 Oct 1995, Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 wrote:

> > I got this little envelope of Big Head Hurt in the mail today. Doepfer
> > A100 catalog. Very scary. Pricelist, even scarier! The most expensive
> > module _is_ only $102 (the VCO and the multimode VCF), and the average
> > price is around $70. This thing is almost the Bag of Lay's Potato Chips
> > of modules, considering how stoopid-cheap everything is. Anyone up for
> > building Tonto, the Home Version?
> there is one thing we almost forget when we look at those astonishing
> low prices: The A-100 has almost no mixers built into their modules.
> So for a real VCF  You probably need two additional Mixer modules,
> one for signals and one for CV's, plus the patchcords. This will add
> to the costs of the "pure" Module !

Yep! I sort of pointed this out a little later when comparing the Serge 
and Doepfer systems. The only thing you have as far as a mixer in the 
A100 is a 4 x 1 module, with either linear or logarithmic pots, and this 
device will _not_ voltage-control. Yet another reason for, if you get an 
A100, "hotrodding" it with the addition of Serge gear, in this case to 
improve the mixer section(s). 'Course, before you get to fine level 
controls, there's always multiples...and the A100 _does_ have output 
levels on the VCOs, so the situation of having loads of mixers might not 
be as necessary as you think. Still, though, it is one of the several 
drawbacks of the A100 from what I note in the literature.

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