Re: [AH] Reaktor (and it's on topic)...

From john mahoney
Sent Fri, Jan 23rd 2004, 19:07

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From: "Tom Butcher" <>
> Have you guys checked out the Doepfer MCV-24?  It's a 24
> channel CV converter with software LFO's and ADSR envelopes.


For inputs, the Doepfer "Pocket Electronic" is kind of interesting, but too
limited. It has 16 analog inputs, but they accept only 0 to +5V. The data
range is only 0 to 127 -- not very good resolution. The update rate is not

Somebody recently suggested some lab control boards (I think) for this
purpose. Now, where's that link...? There was a large assortment of
configurations, I remember that.

The Eowave Eobody looks good: 10-bit
resolution and an Max/MSP interface. 16 analog inputs for 399 Euros, list.
But, again, limited to 0 to +5 Volts. You'd need an interface with trimmers
and DC offsets. It might be nice to see Eowave produce a version with
modular-compatible inputs (+/-10V?). And software for Reactor.