Re: Sequencer for (Doepfer) modular

From Doug Masla
Sent Sat, Sep 20th 1997, 10:35

At 1:43 PM -0700 9/19/97, Doug Masla wrote:
>At 10:09 PM -0500 9/18/97, \[22Hz\] Productions wrote:
>>On Thu, 18 Sep 1997 wrote:
>>> Ho Heaveners,
>>> the Doepfer A-100 modular system will be upgraded by an interesting
>>> sequencing module:
>I forgot to mention that with the Doepfer Seq, the have many modules that
>can expand the systen and increase its power,dual trig.delay.clock seq&
>divider.triggger modifier,varias e-switches ect....
these modules can give you an extreemly versital seq...check thier WEb page....
you can custon config a maonster of a analogue seq...