Re: [AH] Re: 200e

From Matthew Ritenburg
Sent Tue, Mar 25th 2008, 03:29

The problem with that question is:  Sticker Shock. 
The intial response is "Egads man!!! that costs how

In reality, it is a fallacy to think of the 200e as an
exorbinately exspensive synth for two reasons:

1. It is a modular and you are not required to spend
20,000 up front, you can buy one module at a time. 
Some of the 200e modules are no more expensive than
Wiard, Cynthia, or Modcan modules.  There might even
be a .Com sequencer that is $900.

2. If you were going to duplicate every function of
some of the modules in other manufacturers, you would
actually spend more to get most of the features. 
Plus, you get patch saving with the Buchla. (for
instance trying to do the Darf in Doepfer is more than
2x as expensive).

But that is just my take on it.  My opinion, like
everyone's on this *touchy* issue is highly
subjective.  I know there are people who disagree with
me.  So be it.

--- Steven Taylor <> wrote:

> The $20k question is... Was it worth the money?