Re: FS:Doepfer Modules

From Mark Pulver
Sent Sat, Aug 29th 1998, 19:57

Brian Mulvey (12:50 PM 8/29/98) wrote:

> how hard would it be to retrofit
>>the Doepfer modules with banana jacks? Obviously it would require
>>disassembly of the front panel, reaming the holes, and mounting new jacks.
>>Does this look possible? Is the spacing on the 1/8" jacks loose enough to
>>allow this?
>Wouldn't it be tons easier to just make 2' Bananna Socket to 1/8" plug
>adaptor cables?!?

I would guess that Jim's want of doing this isn't for cross patching to
another system, but more from being able to use the inherent mult
properties of stacking banana plugs. As well, banana's are more durable
than 1/8" plugs in general.

Doing the adapter cable trick would work, but I would think it would lend
itself to creating much more of a cabling tangle.

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