Re: [AH] Best Modular Company?

From matt wilson
Sent Mon, Mar 27th 2000, 05:29

Legion wrote:

People constantly praise Serge as the monolith of great modulars. While I wouldn't

> turn one down I'd argue  Serge is hardly a starter system for anyone. They are
> expensive, hard as fuck to order or get used, and outrageously expensive to repair
> or change if you need to send them back. I'd recommend a simple and fun (and
> interesting!) Doepfer system over a Serge ANY day. That shows you where I'm coming
> from so take that as you will.

what do you mean that sege gear is "hard as fuck to order"? i don't think i've
ever had more interesting and educational talks about modulars then i've had
ordering my panels with rex probe of serge.  he is constantly available and
very much wants to provide his customers with exactly the system they want/
need.  have you had a bad experience ordering panels with rex?

you mention that serge is expensive to repair or "change". what do you mean? you don't
really "change" serge panels once they're manufactured.....

just wondering.....

matt (seven panels and growing....)
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