Serge & DMR

From Paul Nugent
Sent Mon, Jan 12th 1998, 04:21

FYI: (Which you all probably know anyway....)

There's a review of a basic Serge Modular system in the most
recent issue of Keyboard.  I didn't get a chance to read it thoroughly, but
it looked pretty decent.  I was under the impression that they were _quite_
expensive.  Yeah, I think they're pricier than Doepfer, but in comparison to
other modular systems on the market (like Don Martin's modules) it is
right on.  $250 for a standard VCO.  

Which brings me to another modular question...

Delta Music Research - has anyone seen their products, and if so, opinions?
I'd really like to see a picture of their modular system, as well as some more info.

Paul Nugent