Re: Doepfer maq 16/3

From fEEd
Sent Wed, Apr 26th 1995, 16:09

On Wed, 26 Apr 1995 13:41:46 +0200, 
Ekberg Mathias   <> wrote:

>Wasn't this seq. constructed by one of the Kraftwerk members?

Well, it was originally made and designed by Doepfer, but the 2.0 software 
was influenced by Kraftwerk.

>What kind of CV does it produce?

Umm, none.  It is an anlog-style sequencer (you know, rows of knobs) but it 
sends MIDI.

>Is it Moog, SCI, Korg, Arp comaptible, since I know these machines
>aren't compatible.

well, it is Moog, SCI, Korg, or Arp comaptible if your Moog, SCI, Korg, or 
Arp has MIDI! ;>



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