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hi guys!

i can not contibute to any acid, but your post reminded me of a track i had 
been looking for many years ago.
i can only remember the spoken vocal sample of the track and it was:

"rock the discotheque"

anyone remember who that might have been?



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> TR-808 and TB-303, and FR-777
> Call me old fashioned but the 808 just reeks electro goodness, and the 
> 303, well there have been lots of clones of it which vary in their 
> emulation, but having tried all the best ones I still go back to my 303's.
> We all know there are plenty of 303 haters, for whom the 303 is just a 
> limited bass synth with a cryptic sequencer, but for me that's part of the 
> charm, the other being its unsurpassed (and likely never to be either) 
> silky smooth liquid grooves. Every year they go up in value and I think 
> that also causes people to hate them, but I think anyone into analog 
> synths owes it to themselves to own one before passing judgement.
> FR-777 Well mines special, it is one of the very first with some more bite 
> than the production models, it used to belong to Charlie Clouser, I had 
> Jered at FR verify this and also tell me that the analog board was 
> redesigned when full scale production began. It has some mods to give it 
> even more twang on the accent and filter sections, it is my first port of 
> call for harder sounding acid lines or funky bass sounds, and reminds me 
> of a fisher price acid box because it is great fun to modify the 
> sequences, adding accents, slides, changing notes and loop points without 
> stopping, ideal for those deep space inter dimensional excursions :)
> And yeah, System 100m driven by the 303 sequencer rocks the discotheque 
> too!
> FF
> Ryan Lunenfeld <> wrote: hey what are all of yours 
> favorite acid machines?
> not saying just "tb303! and Tr909" that's too easy!:-)
> for me my favorite kick drum for acid comes from the roland r8...:x
> and synth...shit i've stumped myself, i thin kthe 303 is still the best.
> system100m is really nice though. makes some crazy acidy sounds:-)
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