WRT Creamware Pulsar: wish list for analog simulations

From Paul Barton-Davis
Sent Sun, Sep 13th 1998, 16:42

At some point in the next year, I plan to write a modular emulation
for Linux. I've seen Clavia's stuff and the new Pulsar/Scope system
from Creamware, and plan to incorporate everything good about those
systems. However, since this will be free software, running on a free
platform, it would be nice to do better than people constrained by the
problems inherent in trying to make money from writing software.

So: you guys are all analog fans, and some of you have seen the newer
breed of computer-based analog emulations. What's missing from them ?
What things would you change ? What should definitely be retained ?

If you have any thoughts, let me know.

(Background: if I and other people get our way, Linux is someday going
to blow away both the MacOS and Windows environment for music. Not
only do we have multitasking, but we have full source access and can
make anything work anyway we need to. My initial contribution to this
has been "softwerk", which is software implementation and extension of
the Doepfer Schaltwerk.  Coming up next is "xmslide", which is a
modelled on the Peavey PC-1600 but uses every key on your keyboard,
more or less, as a completely programmable MIDI fader. It does almost
everything the PC-1600 does, and a bit more. After I finish my UI's
for the Matrix 6 and the WaveFront wavetable, I plan to start the
analog emulator).


ps. I've actually asked Creamware if they'd agree to me writing a
Linux driver for the Pulsar, but I expect to either not hear from them
or hear "no".