[AH] weird doepfer problem

From jon schatz
Sent Tue, Jan 2nd 2007, 22:39

i've got an a-149-1. i want to use the same clock for both clock inputs.
so i run my clock to a a-181 and try to use two of the multiple outputs to
feed the clock inputs. as soon as i connect the second one, no clock is
recieved on the a-149-1 in either section. as soon as i disconnect one of
the patch cables, clock is recieved in the still connected section. this
happens exactly the same with the quantized and stored sections. if i run
my clock signal into a dotcom multiple and run two patch cables to the
a-149-1 inputs, everything works like i'd expect it to.

so is this a problem in the a-181's design? anyone else ever see this
before? i got the same results using stereo and mono cables btw.



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