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From aaron
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On 20 Jan 1997 9:59 -0600 (-1100), redacted@example.com wrote to me:

> This may be long overdue, but how is Polygon Window "Quoth".  I can't see=
> to find it or hear it anywhere.  Is it worth the search?

The remixes to Quoth are superior to the original retaining that hypnotic
4/4 hammering beat. The single still gets regular rotation around these
parts, and one of the mixes can be found on the blech cassette.

Oh, Wax Trax!/TVT put out the Quoth single in North America, and as far as
I know, it's still in print. Most shops probably don't get much demand for
it though, so try ordering it. 

bjork "telegram" (elektra)

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