Re: [AH]Arp Solus Cv Cables ---> Hard to find !!?? (help need)

From iosonoilcreatore
Sent Tue, Feb 5th 2008, 20:11

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thank you for your reply
but I'm MY arp solus there's two kind of cable connection,
1)normal jack for audio out high and low, ext signal in and footpedal
2)unknown holes for trig, gate and cv (in and out)!! those holes are too
small for Jack but too large for minijack.

I'm really surprised for this situation....
it could be something anormal is happen in my arp solus or maybe in my
understanding capabilities...

2008/2/5, Kyle Jarger <>:
> Hi,
> Il Creatore Il Creatore wrote:
> >I try to find right cables (or adaptors) for connecting the CV\Gate
> >controls
> >of the Arp solus to a sequencer, but I'm still searching for understand
> >wich
> >hell of kind of jack can fit the solus holes!
> >It seems a size between 1\8 and 1\4 Jack and someone tell me it is an
> "1\8
> >minijack"(???).
> I thought that the Solus uses the standard 1/8" (3.5 mm) jacks, but the
> plugs need to ahve a small barrel to fit the recessed-mounted jacks.  I
> recently ordered these cables from Analogue Haven and the have really
> small
> barrels that I think will fit the Solus jacks.  No guarantees but its
> worth
> a try.
> cable21     $3.00       6     Doepfer: 1/8 Patch Cable (12i
>                              n/30cm Mono - Black)
> cable22     $3.00       4     Doepfer: 1/8 Patch Cable (20i
>                              n/50cm Mono - Grey)
> Regards,
> Kyle Jarger