more tb-303 and make your own Sync

From Stefan Gruhl (CIP 92)
Sent Thu, Jan 9th 1970, 01:00

> Well, one question left :
> Do you know a programable midi-to-sync box ? I mean I'm looking for a box
> which could recognize any midi controler as sync-start and sync-stop; so
> I'll be able to stop and start my 303 without stoping my midi sequence !!!
> The only way to achieve this yet is to use a midi-controlable mixing desk
> and mute the 303 channel ...

I am trying to built my own one rigth now. I did poet that on AH before,
but here we go again:

Sync is just 2 analogue signals.
Start/stop is a gate transmitted on the 3 o'clock pin.
the clock is a 5v trigger (24 trigers per quater) running on pin at 9 o'clock.

I got a spare Doepfer MSY midi to sync device here and now got it built
behind a module panel. I got midi thru, roland sync out and 
1/4" jacks for each of both signals. Now I can hod them, continue,civide down,
etc on them and feed them back
thru 2 other 1/4 jack to an mod-sync out Din5 jack.

What I intended that for is, to be able to hack any sequence into my 202 and get it
cycle to the beat, by always resending a simple note on into a midi to cv/gate
and hook this gate to the start stop in. Now the 202 will restart whenever
I want it in my sequencer.
I won't have random pattern access, but whenever I want to START it,
I can.
... Oh and stop it as well :-)

The neat thing about the doepfer is, that it comes with its built on clock divider, so I can reconvigure it to put out slower clocks like 16 steps per measure
as well and drive a self made analogue sequencer in the modular from it.
What I would prefer is to keep the original clock for the Outboard Roland gear
and have a bypassing divider for additional slower clocks.
Juergen has been so nice and told me the CMOS devices for that yet, but
until I studied some books I won't know where to but to power to :-)=

so long,


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