[AH] FS blacet FD module

From revtor
Sent Wed, Mar 22nd 2000, 07:27

 Ive realized that I have too many projects at this time in my life and that 
setting up a modular can wait.. (and I need cash right now)
so for sale 110 bux gets it
perfect working order (thanks Blacet) Blacet Frequency Divider module plus 
Paia frac rack plus 5 nice 1/8 inch patch cords.  All of this is less than a 
month old and its a great place to start.  Paia, Doepfer, and Blacet modules 
all fit in the frac rack.. think of all of the available modules out there!!  
Need a +/-15v PS (Blacet's got em for under 30 bucks)
no suprises here, Ive got the best reference available (AH good trader alert) 
 : )
in NJ