Re: [AH] mixers (was Re: ARP 2600 vs modular?)

From Andrew Scheidler
Sent Sat, Dec 6th 2008, 17:34

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Ken's MM is something I'd like to build as the heart of a "normalled"
modular synth...  kind of like the 2600  :)

Have the typical mod routings wired to it (VCOs, LFOs, EGs, etc at the
inputs, VCOs, VCF, etc at the outputs) as well as jacks.  It would open up a
lot of easy experimentation without patching, which is something the 2600
does very well.


On 12/5/08, John Mahoney <> wrote:
> At 08:09 PM 12/5/2008, James Husted wrote:
>> There is a tread on the Doepfer Yahoo list about matrix mixers. There
>> are a few out there and a few in the works coming soon (Goepfer and
>> Harvestman). There is a nice PCB layout based on the Buchla 205 matrix
>> mixer on the Electro-music DIY board too. Just do a Google for matrix
>> mixer and you will get a few hits for sure. Some of the new designs do
>> inversion too, as in full CCW full inverted, mid position off, full CW
>> full positive signal. Very nice.
> Thanks for the info, James.
> Ken Stone has matrix mixer PCBs in his CGS line, too. A matrix mixer is
> just a collection of simple mixers connected in a certain way -- no real
> magic, there.
> Inverting attenuators are pretty cool, but I don't like them for
> everything. The resolution can be too coarse for dialing in precise pitch
> CVs, and it is hard to "zero" them unless they have center detents (and are
> calibrated).
> John