Re: My Sick Plans For Two SEM's

From randy
Sent Thu, Jan 14th 1970, 01:00

The mysterious Jeff R. Dec writes:

>I'm sure I am going to have a fun time drilling all those 1/4" jack holes
>and routing out the large openings for each SEM.  But when I'm finished, I
>should have a top-notch modular to complement my Roland System 100m setup.

No, seriously, that does sound like fun.  Just drilling and soldering
with nothing to swear about, hopefully.  Your plans sound great, and
I hope you post some field notes when you get the project done.

Thanks for the Digi-Key reference.  The first time I went out to buy Molex
stuff, I found a whole bunch in a sale bin, thinking it was my lucky day, 
but ended up with the wrong size.
// Randy Jones