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From Chris Skerik
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vince's kit list includes:

Arp 2600
Arp 2500
Arp sequencer, including special six channel sequencer
buchla modular
E-mu modular
Korg MS-20
midimoog (w/ midi taken out)
Moog Modular
Moog Source
Obie 8-voice
Obie Rack ( 2 voice) w/ midi taken out
Obie Xpanderx2
Polyfusion modular
Roland Alpha Juno-1
Juno 60
Juno 106
Jupiter 8w/ OP8
Mks 20
mks 50
mks 80
System 100m
System 700
RSF Kobol
SCI Pro-one
SCI Prophet 5
SCI Prophet VS
Serge Modular
PPG Waveterm 2.2
Roland SH1
Sennheiser Vocoder
roland Jupiter 4 (w/ depeche)
Moog prodigy (w/ depeche)
BBC microcomputer

On the last tour he used
Nord Lead
Roland PMA-5
Waldorf Pulse
emu Proteus
Korg M1R

he has lots of other stuff in his basement, he used to use a dx-7, TX816,
fairlight, casio cz-101, cz-1 many different drum machines, 909,727,707,
korg kpr,

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> The dates are obviously at least in part hogwash; not sure what is and
> isn't. I also don't know what the difference between "phased out" and the
> others is...I'm sure Vince must have used more than just four of the above
> synths in 1992?
> "Chorus" is from 1991.
>I heard that for Wonderland and Circus, he relied heavily on
>Prophet VS
>Juno 106
> >> > But I read now he uses a roland PMA
> >
> >Never heard of this. What is it? Sorry I'm off-line - can't check it.
> >PMA - pulse modulation anomalies?? :)
> >
> he apparently uses this on the road, its that annoying hand held little
>sequencer thing with the pen for microscopic entry.