Re: System 100M vs System 700

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Sent Wed, Dec 20th 1995, 20:13

On Tue, 19 Dec 1995, Barry Bernard wrote:

> I've got a system 100 synth that I've had for awhile ( no m). That is I
> have the model 101 synth with the model 102 expander.

I have the same.  Both 101 & 102...

> I suppose it is in a funny way, although it's a
> bit "cheesy" sounding to me as well.

I wouldn't go so far as to call it that.  It's quite a powerful little 
mono.  I don't think it sounds "cheesy" at all.  Set against an MS-20 it 
sounds like a monster.  True it has its limitations of patchability but 
compared to most mono's it sounds quite impressive IMO.

> limitations, for instance there is no output jack for the lfo, you can only
> modulate what it hardwired to it.

True the LFO is sealed away from external use but you can use an LFO from 
another source to patch into the thing.  There are quite a few useful 
entry points for external control over the thing.  For instance you can 
control the PWM externally unlike the MS-20.

> It's got some cool features but it is by no means a "real modular".

It doesn't claim to be.  It's a patchable mono along the lines of the 
2600 or MS-20 with a normaled sound path.  While not as featured as the 
2600 it is quite comparable to the MS with some feature trade-offs.  But 
to me it has a much more beautiful pure sound than the 2600 and the MS.  
I liken the 2600 to a great synth for creating weird effects and the MS 
to be a great audio processor but the I really like the pure sound of the 
System 100.

> Also
> though I suppose you could refer to it as "warm", it doesn't have much low
> end

WHAA?  I don't know what you're listening to.  The thing has as much 
balls as a Mini!  I used it in a live gig over the weekend and the bass 
was working that PA to death!

> and the envelope generators don't quite cut the mustard.

They're standard ADSR's.  What do you mean?  Why don't you like them?

> I don't know how
> it compares to the 100m or the 700.

I was looking more for the difference between the 700 and 100M modules.  
What's the difference between the oscs and filters etc. in design and 
what does the difference mean to the ear.  I was also curious if the 
filter and osc design in the 100 was different or the same as the 100M or 
the 700.  Since the 700 comes in "banks" I noticed a closer similarity 
between the 100 and the 700 where you'd expect the 100 to be similar to 
the 100M.

I realize the problem with asking these questions is that very few of us
could afford the 700 and 100M gear (I know I certainly can't).  I was 
just hoping somebody might have some experience with them first hand.

Thanks for the input so far though.

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