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From darkstr1746
Sent Tue, Jul 22nd 2008, 18:39

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Dude, i'm totally impressed. I'd be more interested to hear what kinda sound comes out of pasta fest like that. It takes work to keep things that messy. You are to be commended!!  LOL
Just as an aside, . . i counted six computer monitors. You really need *six* computer monitors?  
Anyway, your room is starting to border on the surreal. Think you should push forward with that concept. Who knows, it might influence your creativity in un-imagined ways.  LMAO!!
kind regards

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> I have recently been trolling Matrixsynth and the photo section of the 
> Doepfer list and noticed how much more tidy everyone's studios seem. 
> Mine is not at all! It doesn't usually get in the way but I must admit 
> it makes it hard to have someone over to jam with. I decided to use 
> public shame as a means to stir me to do some cleaning. So here are my 
> "before" pictures: 
> ersatzplanet#100007&bgcolor=black&view=mosaic&sel=5 
> Hopefully soon I can post a set of "after" pictures. I'm hoping some 
> others on this list have some clutter to share so I don't feel too 
> bad... 
> -James, in the basement, hopefully tidying up a bit.