FS: Doepfer MS-404

From osc1
Sent Fri, Dec 5th 1997, 17:36

...i tried to post this last night, but i realized that it may not post it
if i'm only subscribed to the "digest" version of AH, and since i didn't
see it, i thought i'd post it again...please forgive me if this made it up
last night already, and thanks...

well, the last item in my Doepfer sell-off arrived today.  it sounds
amazing, truly, but more amazing yet are my debts.  i was sad to see the
modulars go, and no less sad to offer this one up...
here's the specs:
Enport charges $525 for one new, and this one is *brand new*  just arrived
today.  i'm asking $399 (i'll ship it FedEx overnight for $415 COD), in the
interest of moving it within a day or two.  it's in the box, with english
and german manuals, and power cable.
feel free to ask questions...

william fox
st. paul, mn

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