Poly Midi-CV

From Chris Whitten
Sent Wed, Sep 3rd 1997, 01:39

As the owner of an Oberheim 4 Voice and a Doepfer converter please allow me
to throw in my 2 cents.
When I first got the 4 voice I called Kenton. They said this instrument was
a special case and they didn't have anything that would work great with it.
At the time the only thing that I could find was a Doepfer MCV8.
The operating system is very basic and quite confusing. However, it really
works great in polyphonic mode as well as up to 8 synths in mono.
When the Pro4 came out I'm sure I heard something about it not quite
working with a 4 voice.
I could easily be wrong or it may have been something that was added soon
after the launch. Anyway it's worth checking.
As the original post was about truly polyphonic converters, I can say
Doepfer can do it, maybe the Pro4 can, certainly not the Pro2 or 2000. All
the other converters I have no experience of.