[AH] Re: CEM 3382 stock for sale on *ba*....

From Jason Proctor
Sent Wed, Sep 10th 2008, 10:58

hmm i wonder whether the 3379/3389 accounts for the mellower sound in 
some VSes? i had one that definitely sounded different to the others. 
shame i don't have it any more or i'd open it up and find out...

>Hi Jason,
>Yes pauls site is wrong.
>It uses either the CEM 3379 or CEM3389 for the vfc/vca.
>Plus the CEM 5530, CEM 5510 and CEM 3365 chips.
>All the Prophet VS units ive seen, (3 keyboards/ 2 racks) have ALL 
>used the CEM 3389 for the VCF/VCA..
>I thought Doepfer used the CEM 3382 in some on their modules, dont 
>know what else it was used in.
>>there seems to be some doubt. they're listed here -
>>but not here -
>>i *think* vintageplanet is right.
>>>Hi oliver,
>>>Those chips are not used in the Prophet VS..
>>>>here come 22 CEM 3382 chips
>>>>as used in the prophet VS.
>>>>you can buy them by lots of two,
>>>>but i rather sell the whole stock
>>>>at once. you can place an offer, too.
>>>>sP ageName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=010