Re: Knock Knock... (fwd)

From Steve Pescatore
Sent Wed, Sep 17th 1997, 22:41

Kenny forgot to cc this note to AH, and asked that i do it. BTW, i
would've started my own thread earlier, but i couldn't think of anything
to talk about. i just wanted something to read... ;)

take care (or whatever else you can get your hands on...)

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Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 14:20:57 -0700
From: Ken Balys <>
Subject: Re: Knock Knock...

I'm still here... I still love my SH-09's, my Jupiter-4 gets a loving
caress daily, transister leads and solder blobs get stuck to my
socks whenever I walk across my studio.

I'm not as active now because nothing has really bothered me for
a while, I haven't seen anything I can't identify for a while so
I wait and I watch.

Here is something for AH... who has Doepfer Modular stuff? (A100)
Come on and share! What are they like? How do the knobs feel?
Are they really really wonderful? What modules did you like/hate?

Kenny B.

>where did everybody go???
>--a lonely synthesist. :(