[AH] Is Doepfer A-110 VCO louder than A-111?

From Zoran Bosnjak
Sent Wed, Nov 19th 2003, 19:45


this is probably not very important question, but I acquired Doepfer A-111 
and A-110 VCOs, and I noticed that 110 VCO ouputs louder signal than A-111. 
Is this normal?

Also, I noticed that square and saw waveform jacks are smoother than the 
rest of the jacks on A-111, which signals to me that this module (supposed 
to be a brand new item, that's what I paid for) was at least used in a store 
as a demo item for some time. All other jacks are tight and grip solidly. 
How fast do these jacks wear down? I got my Doepfer system in the last four 
months, so I don't have a feel for Doepfer "wear and tear" yet).



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