fs: doepfer maq 16/3, roland r-70, mac computer

From mentalu
Sent Wed, Oct 22nd 1997, 08:11

for sale or trade

doepfer maq 16/3 analog-midi sequencer
       similar style to old moog seq. except this not only controls cv/gate
but midi devices as well.  breath old(school) life into new gear.      $995
 brand new

roland R-70  drum machine.  
         4 outputs, 231 sounds all fully editable,  comes with extra memory
card,  brand new in the box.  $450

Mac performa 6290cd 
          8 megs (expandable to 64),  1.2 gig hd, 4x cd rom, 15" monitor.
 loaded with software all current versions --- performa, cubase, vision,
alchemy,  photoshop, turbo synth, 7.6.1 os -- much more.  Need something you
don't see i can add it.     $1000  ( i put in more ram if you want ie. 32 mb
for $120 more)

i woulld also be willing to trade for gear.
really looking for an emu e-6400 but make an offer.