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My opinion is doubtful that a Nord Modular will be able to capture the fullness
an real analog can, if the Nord Lead is any indication. I think the Nord Modular
looks like it is competing with some other systems - from Reality to Kyma - that
not only have the analog simulation, but have other weird ways of processing

The "virtual modular" IMHO has considerable more appeal than a "virtual analog"
since the virtual modular has an advantage of being able to capture a large
amount of processing power in a small amount of space. You don't need to devote
an entire studio wall to your sound processing system. You can actually save
patches and recall them, which is a plus for many. And you can do different
types of warping than you can with a real modular. OTOH, I am positive that
there will be a small degree of quantization, as any patch-storage analog has
(versus a modular). And, at the price Nord's offering it, though, it isn't a big
cost savings. You can get a basic Doepfer modular system for that price.

Myself, I don't see either option in my price range. That's why I'm thinking of
building a semi-modular ASM-1 for $600. (:

I don't think the fact that the Nord Modular can store and recall patches makes
it unworthy simply because it's not something you spend oodles of time
restringing patches on, as you imply, FYI. This would put an awful lot of good
synths into that unworthy category: Prophet 5, Jupiter 8, Matrix 12, Xpander...

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Who said anything about being off topic. What I am interested in is debate.
The point I am making is that on this list called 'Analogue Heaven' there
seems to have been an upsurge in the discussion of DSP synths. I'm being a
devils advocate if you like. I'm not saying anything bad about the Nord
modular. I'm merely making a point about the amount of mailers who are
looking for analogue without the fuss.
In Nord related mails today someone asked if the Nord could be made to
sound like a Prophet5. Someone else declared the ability to store patches
and general ease of use was a great reason to get the Nord. It is claimed
that the Nord Modular would be a cheap alternative to other modulars. To me
it's like writing to Aerobics Heaven complaing about having to exercise for
30 minutes a day.
Presumeably Analogue Heaven was first started by analogue enthusiasts. As I
said before, a lot of the appeal of analogue synths is their
un-predictability, their history, their hands on voyage of discovery and
ofcourse not forgetting their SOUND.