ai 2 comp comment and idm query

From Sean Joseph Portnoy
Sent Sun, Jan 22nd 1995, 07:24

i am a poor and thus infrequent idm purchaser who picked up the artifical intellignece 2 comp to get a sample of autechre, b12 and hia before plunking down $$ on their own full-length stuff.

i must say i was fairly disappointed with the comp.  except, of course, for the always excellent black dog (aka balil) and their "parasight" production.  this may be a bit of flame-bait material, but i have a couple of gripes with the idm "style" evident on ai 2.  that is, a very long intro that usually consists of some noodling around with synths and then finally the beat kicks in.  put the song never "goes" anywhere because the beat almost never changes  (a charge that i was also put upon most rap)

my gripe, then, with a lot of electronically-created music, idm stuff as well as rap, is that they loop a beat ad nauseam.  i'm whining here because there are such few outlets to hear all the idm stuff that comes out, and i need to find some stuff that suits my taste (shorter tracks, innovative use of beats equal to other experimentation with sounds) for my increasingly infrequent trips to the record store.

can anyone help me come up with a buying list?  btw, stuff i have bought and liked includes polygon window, black dog's bytes and some of the amorphous androgynous stuff.

thanks for any help.