RE:AH#468-Doepfer A-100

From analogueman
Sent Fri, Aug 25th 1995, 04:58

 >Has anyone on the list gotten their hands on one of these yet? 
 >Hints, tips, advice about the system? 

 To the best of my knowledge, no one has got their hands on a 
 set of production A-100 modules yet, although they should be 
 shipping in any time now. Here in England the distributers are 
 now taking orders for the first batch of basic modules. The 
 only person I know who's actualy heard one in action, is a friend 
 of mine in Germany (where else :-}), who had a short listen to a 
 preproduction setup that did the rounds. One of the comments he 
 made was that although the first of the filter modules is being 
 hailed as a Moog type ladder thang, it doesn't quite hit that 
 spot, but does none the less sound very good indeed. I myself 
 am in the market for a modular at the moment, and can't quite 
 decide if I should invest in a large Doepfer system, or a much 
 smaller setup from Serge (I would welcome any comments on this 
 one :) ). 




   Sean Coppinger ;-)