Re: [AH] Roland System 100M vs SH5

From Igor Medeiros
Sent Wed, Dec 20th 2006, 17:46

i had a sh5 for a while and really like it specially for its bpf and
routing options - would like that it had a cv on bpf but nothing is
perfect... but i think there's a hype about it because it has a lot of
possibilities package in one monosynth - 2 vcos 2 filters 2 lfos s&h
rm ext input etc things that you don't find very often in a
monosynth... and it has a very intuitive front panel - i knew exactly
where to drive my hands to get the sounds i wanted... had to sell it
because my main synth broke, no money and i was in neeed for something
more powerful than a monosynth to play with bands... so i bought a
nord modular...


On 12/20/06, me t <> wrote:
> I love the way it sounds. Thats why i like it. Maybe these people that come
> in the studio don't know how to use it. It is a slightly more complicated
> interace than an sh101. Also, maybe these people are keyboard people that
> play in a band and don't really care about a unique sound but something
> else. Like imitating the ELO solos. Many people have a hard time thinking
> outside of the box. So, what  their idea of what a synth is supposed to
> sound like might influence their opinion. I haven't talk to many people that
> don't like the sh5 though.
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