[AH] Re: How did you get that gear?

From grove
Sent Fri, Jan 2nd 2009, 03:55

I saw some ads in the Trading Post when I lived in the outback for different 
bits of gear, so I rang all the sellers and arranged to collect.

I got my brother to pick up the System 100 for me, which was the 
101 + 102 + 104 Sequencer, for $200.   The guy that was selling it 
told my brother his wife had demanded he get rid of it, because the 
noises were driving her nuts.

So that day, I drove 780km back to Sydney and collected the System.
Then I drove to Artarmon on the other side of the city and bought a 
Kawai K1M for $80 from a guy who had a huge, complete System 700 
on his mantelpiece, all patched up.   This guy's house was full 
of bits of gear in various states of order/disorder but he only 
sold me the K1M.

My brother, when he saw the System 100 did not understand why I was so 
excited, as he thought it was a bit of old junk.  He was much more 
interested in the Yamaha Quik-disk sequencer/MIDI storage box I also 
bought at that point.    That was all in about 1987.

I bought my PolySix from a disposal store in Dubbo for $400 after I 
had seen it there for 2 years unsold, so I got it for half their 
asking price.

I also bought a pedal harmonium there for $100 with all the stops working 
fine and everything.    That one got left behind when I came back 
to Sydney to live and it went to the local church organist as a gift.

The MC-202 I got for $80 in a hock shop specialising in music gear.

A guy up in the outback who, all said was a bit of a nutjob gave 
me a 303 and 606 to play with for a few weeks while I decided whether 
I wanted to buy them for $200 each, but I declined at the time.  So those 
2 got away.

My mum gave me the Stylophone as a birthday present when she came back 
from a holiday on Norfolk Island.

All of those happened in the 80's or early 90's.

Most of my other gear came off ebay (the VP-330 did not sell first time 
around and I was lucky to "buy now" when it was relisted).    And the 
rest of it is just opportunity.    I do seem to be very lucky when 
it comes to getting exactly what I want at the right price.

I bought my Doepfer A100 and OSCar synth from Intermusic in Bondi Junction
so that was lucky.   I paid pretty much the right price for those.

I got the MiniMoog on ebay and it was a buy now for $3k  - still a bargain 
as it is in excellent form.

I got my JP6 Europa from a guy who I think is on here, he said it had 
come from 5G (I think).    I paid a good price for it too even though 
the console is a bit rough looking the internals are perfect.

I got an SBF-325 on ebay rather cheaply, since been recapped and sounds 
like new.

Got the SDD-330 from someone here on this list, who was selling a 
bunch of gear.

I got the Pulse from someone on here, 2 days before I bought the MiniMoog. 
I wanted the Pulse for the Moogish sound but snapped up the Mini 
just because I could.

I bought the Octopus (Legacy) new from Awave - it's Serial Number is #001!
It's not a story, but I went for that instead of a computer.  One would 
turn into a boat anchor, the other is going to be with me for a lifetime.

Having bought a bunch of analogues cheaply in the 80's has turned me 
into a bit of a collector now.  I rarely sell anything I get so it all 
stays with me.


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