Re: Trigger Sequencers / TR-606 question for mod-heads

From DJMaytag
Sent Tue, Apr 30th 1996, 06:10

At 11:36 PM 4/29/96 -0400, wrote:
>i see theres mention of the doepfer trigger sequencer again.  
>most of us know the tr-606 has 2 trigger outs.  it only has one audio out as
>well, but can be modified to have multiple audio outputs.  does anyone know
>of a way to either
>modify a 606 to add TRIGGER out for each of the instrument sounds or to
>convert regular audio outs to trigger outs?  
>a modded 606 like that would be a lovely affordable alternative to the
>expensive and large shaltwerk offered by doepfer....

well, rolandman1, i don't like you very much, but i'll respond to this
anyway. i am in the process of doing some mods for the 606. yes, i think it
can be done, but i'm not sure if you need to have some sort of
amplifier/buffer or not. in the schematics there's something in the block
diagram that says mono/multi. is that a monostablemultitimbralvibrator?
(i've heard of those but i don't know really know what it is. just kidding
about the timbral part, BTW). anyway, i'll be getting a sacrificial 606 soon
and i'll make one trigger out and then have it scoped to see if it's cool
(or see if the 606 blows up). if it is then i can tell ya where to solder
to, to get those trigger outs (i already know exactly where to go). 

would ya think you need to have it either/or like the individual outs on the
606 or could you do trigger the 606's sounds internally, as well as
something externally? or is that why that mono/multi thing is in there?


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