RE: [AH] TB-303 MIDI

From mpgoins
Sent Mon, Feb 14th 2000, 16:11

> I would like to add some mods to my 303... either a devilfish or have it
> syntronic midi'ed. I know the devil details but very little about
> the syntronic midi. Does anyone here have a syntronic midified 303?.
> Does the syntronic offer some control over patameters like filter
> cut-off?.

I've added CV/gate connections to my 303.   It's not very hard to do
yourself if you are decent at soldering.  Info I used is at under tricks/mod graphics.  You can also add
filter control to this at the same site.

Currently I use a SuperBassstaion to control it, but I also have a Doepfer
MAUSI which has better midi->cv/gate controls.

Personally, I've been trying to find a way to add an external accent control
to mine, but I haven't found anyone willing to give up that secret.