Re: [AH] VCO Tone & Drift Examples

From Mike Peake
Sent Mon, Dec 15th 2003, 18:53

>  > As you can hear from the about VCO tones, there is no reason any 
>of them can
>>  be bashed or extremely highly praised as far as sound quality goes.  That
>  applies to Moog down to Doepfer low-end.

Now we get further into the issue..

Pitch variation over time, both short and long term
are only one aspect of alive behaviour.

Pitch variation in key tracking is the next issue.
This is especially apparent as an aliveness issue
when each oscillator used in a patch has different
tracking characteristics.

Use an analog sequencer with analog addressing over
a range of two octaves or so (16 steps) to begin.
You'll need one with independent rows of 16 if you
intend to use multiple oscillators.

Cynthia sells the Milton for around $1000 if you
want to take part in this experiment.

>I've heard enough biased misinformation on
>>  AH.  Talk is easy when you don't have to back it up with fact.  I've
>  > provided facts and the evidence to back it.

Cough Sage Cough Cwejman "prototype" cough

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