RE: Module 101 vs ProOne

From mikekent
Sent Thu, Nov 13th 1997, 19:49

>I'm considering trading in a Roland System 100 module 101 for a ProOne.
>I'm familiar with the features of each, but what about the sound?  The
>ProOne has an advantage of a second VCO and EG, but it's IC based where the
>Roland is mostly discrete.  Can anyone with both give me a comparison?

I own both. I've had the Pro-One since new (1981?). I owned a major
collection of many System-100 pieces (now mostly all sold but I still have
one complete system that I hope to keep forever, and a spare 101). I'll
share my opinions.

   Note: For clarification to others: Model-101 (of System-100) and SH-101
   are not the  same unit, "101" refers to Model-101 in this discussion.
   Also, System-100 and System-100m are two different products.


Some of the Pro-One features that are not found on the 101 are:
arpeggiator, sequencer (basic), 2nd VCO, multiple waves from each VCO,
(also available on the 101 by patching the sync out to the mixer) 2nd EG,
pitch bend and mod wheels, choice of key trigger modes.

Maybe one of these is most valuable to you. The one that means the most to
me is the 2nd EG. I find the most lacking feature of the Model 101 is
having only one Envelope Generator.

I am fortunate enough to also have a System-100M, sitting on top of my
System-100, with a couple of spare envelope generators. So it's no longer a
problem for me.

On the SH-101 and Junos Roland overcame this limitation to a large degree
by allowing the VCA to be contolled by a simple gate instead of an EG. This
works fine for most sounds I want. I hope to modify my spare 101 to have
this same option (by replacing the "Initial" CV input with Gate input).

The 101 has some patch points. Do you make use of these? The Pro-One is
more limited, although it has perhaps the most important one: audio input
before the filter. 101 has a HPF, the Pro-One does not, I use HPF pretty

The 101 VCO sweeps its full frequency range on one pot. The Pro-One VCO has
a more limited range but has octave selection, making it faster/easier to
go to another pitch range and still play in tune. Neither is necessarily
better, each has its advantages.


In the area of sound System-100 is usually the winner for my taste (and if
you need one VCO if you only have 101). If you have a sound that needs 2
VCO then the Pro-One is the winner. If you had a 101 and 102 together it
wins hands down over the Pro-One.

But sound is very personal and I'm sure someone else would disagree, and
they wouldn't be wrong, they just have different taste/needs. And certainly
there are times when I prefer the Pro-One for some sounds.

Overall I prefer the sound character of the System-100. It seems warmer and
more unique or distinct.


If you don't have other mono synths, the Pro-One is probably more useful
because of it's features, and it does sound very good. If you have some
other monosynths that use 1V/Oct and gate, the 101 may offer more
possibilities with it's patch points, and the sound of the 101 is nicer.


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