Re: [AH] need new EG for modular

From Peter Grenader
Sent Thu, Jan 22nd 2004, 21:05

Well, you already mentioned owning the Blacet, which is my all-time go-to
EG, so this would be preaching to the choir.  So, from the others you've
mentioned, I'd personally go with Analogue Systems.  It's more fully
featured than they remaining others you've listed, easily works was an LFO
if you wish, plus there's a nifty little mod on my site which will allow for
a switch to be added for three different ranges to get some obnoxiously long
envelopes out of it.

(insert evil grin here)


Blake Wilson wrote:

> friends:
> i have a modular system that i can set up as an *almost* 3 standard
> voice setup. the oscillators and filters (3 each) are serge, and i've
> got a single serge EG ADSR. i added blacet's ADSR a while back, which
> i like a lot. i need a final ADSR to complete the 3 voice system. i
> can mount blacet (obvioulsy), doepfer, asys, and asol. any
> suggestions? price and feature wise, the blacet kit seems to trump
> the rest, but i'm open to trying new stuff.
> btw, i did hook up the minimoog to complete this setup (using it as
> my final ADS), but the cabling was a nightmare and the compatibility
> was screwy. triggering worked okay using some converters, but its on
> the other side of the studio from the modular and inconvenient.
> thanks,
> blake