Re: [AH] Doepfer A-112 Sampler/Wavetable???

From Mark Pulver
Sent Wed, Feb 10th 1999, 07:49

N. Kent (11:16 PM 2/9/99) wrote:

>> This piece is one of the most interesting modules I have seen from *any* 
>> system including the big names.
>Hasn't Modcan been doing something of this sort. Curious how that one

(click on "Wave" in the bottom panel)

The Wavetable 19A module has 64 wavetables on board in ROM which will let
you do wave sequencing (like you can on the Waldorf Microwave I/Microwave
II/XT). This is where you can run through a series of wave tables one at a
time under control of an external clock. Great effect for percussive
tracks. Of course, you don't have to sequence through the waves at all, and
instead just select a wave sample whose timbre is close to what you're
looking for and run with it.

The Doepfer A-112 module is a bit more than this in that you can sample
from a line input source and then manipulate that sample as a number of
wavetables under CV control.

If you hit up the archives (link in the sig) and search on "doepfer A-112"
(no quotes) you'll get a couple of hits...

btw, there's a guy that hangs out on AH sometimes - I think you know him :)
- that jammed one of Bruce's 19A modules into an ARP Little Brother a
couple of months ago. It makes for a VERY cool little box:


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