Re: [AH] doepfer modular systems (less long)

From Mike Peake
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 1970, 01:00

>    A VCO is unlikely to ever have "character" in it's pure state, after all
>it just sends out a pure waveform, it is the pay it is patched and used that
>determines what comes out of the system. 

Not true. Most of whether a synthesizer is fat and warm or thin and 
is determined at the output of the oscillator. I haven't yet done an FFT 
various models, but I'll wager that the relative level of the fundamental 
the first few harmonics to the other overtones is greater on some designs 
than it is on others. IOW, more fundamental and less relative overtones 
equals fatness. Also, the SEM is a good example of oscillator character. 
They have a bad ground scheme (according to Tom Oberheim), and 
the 60-cycle modulation produces a rattier set of harmonics than a 
perfect design. It should be easy to hear the difference in two detuned 
square waves from an SH5 and a Buchla 100, for instance. Waveshaping 
circuitry makes a difference in a waveform's harmonic content, so simply 
by fact of different design approaches, the majority of discrete synths 
should sound a bit different even before the filters. 

>    Most owners of 10K Moogs and System 700's will find it hard to accept
>that something costing 10 times less is as good as their vintage monster - I
>have a collection of modulars here in the Synth Museum, but guess which
>system is in the studio!
>Andy Horrell

It always comes down to what kind of sound or what kind of control you 
want to generate. Some synths excel where others are weak. I'd have 
no problem adding a few Doepfer panels to my Moog, and using it 
when dictated by the desired sonic character/controller configuration. 
Use what's appropriate. 
Note that this does not include modules with curtis chips. You all know 
how I feel about them... 




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