Re: (amb) RE: whitezone-l Re: (idm) + Bill O'Brien +

From Ben Jefferys
Sent Fri, May 7th 1999, 17:47

Come on, this is all a bit silly... obviously O'Brien is not a bad
trader, but equally not a good one. Post the facts and let people judge
for themselves, if his latency is unacceptable then his trades will dry
up, and that is punishment enough.

I can well understand the anger, it is frustrating to have your goodwill
abused like this when doing a trade, but I think a little more restraint
is needed. Is there a central "trader reputation database" anywhere? 
Build up a good reputation every time you trade, by asking people to add
a "good vote" to your name on the database... and equally add bad votes
for people who are late/no-showers/trade copies without saying/goods
poor quality.

In any case all this chat has been pretty amusing, quite incongruous
with the ambient list.... "not since the great FAX wars ........."