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<< Finally a # of us on these lists banded together privately and
 *one person sent Bill a very threatening letter.*
 Yeah, it was an interesting email letter from Helley Kacket. >>

sigh. oooooooooh mr bill. you know as well as many of us do that Kelly's 
letter was not the *only* letter sent to your "punk ass", as Kelly so 
enthusiastically calls you.
and for you to hide your actions (or rather pompous lack of), your 
manipulations, and your blantant lies behind the meant to distract criticisms 
of Kelly's admitedly extreme but well meant rhetoric is just another example 
of why not to trade with you.

its a shame to you that the only time you finally do post publicly regarding 
your trading practices, it is only to further manipulate the situation, and 
sidestep any true accounting or *read* APOLOGY for your actions to many many 
people on the lists.

heres a clue-  if you are *so concerned* about the content of the mailing 
lists, then how about trying to trade responsiblly and follow through with 
your own comitments to others???!!!  Then all the crap that YOU force people 
to have to post public about you (as you wont truly answer them privately), 
well such warnings would not need to exist, would they?  But of course you 
already know that. You are just dicking us all over as usual with your all to 
rare yet choice public comment.

obviously, my advice to everyone on the lists remains the same: do not trade 
with this sly slacker, or risk bullshit galore.