Re: Suggestion? and nasty replies

From Doug Masla
Sent Sun, Sep 7th 1997, 18:50

At 5:18 PM +0200 9/7/97, Dr.Victor wrote:
>On 1997. 09. 06., at 16:35, wrote:
>The one shining excepetion being the informative reply on
>>the K-5000.
>Yes, one good man and you.
>I forgot to say what I wanted.
>Do you know about Hans Zimmer. He is my world.
>A good mix a REAL synths and orchestra/ethnic world. I don't want to
>explore machines too much, I want only get these nice, clear soundings.
>So, I wolud be intrested, who know more on THIS list more about Yamaha
>Synths, EMU samplers,
>EMU morpheus, Proteus Roland JV2080 etc...
>Why man imagine that, if he at home on knobs, he is above of all musician
>Best Regards,
>  	Dr.Victor

  Hans Zimmer uses all sorts of synths and samplers most of all his wall of
Roland samplers
with his custom London Symphoney Orchestra Library,he also uses lots of
digiatal synths
as well as is enoumous Moog/Polyfusion/Roland100m/Doepfer ect...

   for the money on todays new market you cannot beat the sheer POWER of
hte K5000s
its real time controls of vcf fc/Q,the odd/even harmonic selector and the
new resynthesis-sample input board this is one hell of a synth!!!!!!!
   The factoery preserts are not a fair demonstration as to the power and
sound sculpting abiliy
of the machine...I urge anyone to check it out...its very
inexpensive(around $1,000 USD)
before the resynth option adn in my opinion far more powerful sonically(and
han the NORD)....
MT 2 cents :)
Doug Masla