Re: [AH] Korg PS-3300

From Mike Peake
Sent Thu, Jan 14th 1970, 01:00

N. Ken wrote:
>> >Schulze has at least 1
>> >
>> >nick kent
>> Sadly, I think he got rid of it along with
>> his massive Moog after he 
>> started using factory patches on ROMplers
>> (same time I stopped listening to his music,
>> En-Trance etc.)
>> Easier,
>In SOS like last month? (not the current one) he still said how much he
>loved his Moog modular and 4 Minis, there were current photos. Don't
>know about the PS-3300.

A fairly recent picture of his studio (in SOS? FM?) showed a few 
Moog portable cabinets, but not the amount he'd had in his longtime
large system. I surmised that he sold the analogues (pausing to
shudder) when the ROMplers became popular, then bought the 
Moog in the photos when he realized his mistake. I should email
Klaus Mueller about this and see if I get an answer.