Re: [AH] Human League, was: Chops/Modular music?

From Jenna H
Sent Tue, Nov 1st 2005, 19:47

the first two albums Reproduction and Travelogue(by the REAL Human League) 
was made with System 100 and 100m, Jupiter 4, korg 700 etc. The System700 
belonged to Martin Rushent of Genetic Studios and showed up on their third 
album Dare, which he produced. By then Ian Craig Marsh and Martyn Ware were 
long gone.


>Subject: Re: [AH] Human League, was: Chops/Modular music?
>Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2005 12:54:52 EST
>Well, everything I've read from the people in the band is that they used a
>system 700 - and when the two split to form Heaven 17, they took one half 
>of it
>  and left the other half with Oakey and friends.....
>Phil- "We expanded the  things that we've got. While Ian Stanley [the
>producer] was here he bought a  Roland System 700 which we used a
>lot. We borrowed 808 State's [ARP] 2600 and  that's when we got into
>Oberheims. Tony Wride brought over the SEM [an  Oberheim
>module]. Fantastic for your crisp old-fashioned sounds.  Totally
>different filters and different from anything we'd used. We'd  never
>had a synth with a 3-way filter - always low-pass - apart from  the
>Yamaha CS30 which we never learned how to use."

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