Re: fantasy weekend

From Mike Perkowitz
Sent Mon, Mar 20th 1995, 23:30

> > i had a great weekend.  i scored an ARP 2600 for $300 and it's cherry 
> > 
> > i also scored a roland system 100m modular which is brand new in the box 
> > 
> > the icing on the cake was finding a guy that collects electro-harmonix FX 
> I think I speak for all AH members when I say "WE HATE YOU AND HOPE YOU 

you dont speak for me, since pete's my partner and i know i'll get to 
play with all of it. ;)

and this way i dont have to move to a larger apartment. ;)



"It's bizarre that certain pundits and prognosticators want to focus on
 high-tech network access subsidies for the masses barely three months
 after the Department of Education published a survey claiming to show
 that fully half of American adults are close to functionally illiterate.
 What does network access mean to them?"
		-- Michael Schrage (San Jose Mercury News, 10 Jan 94)

      mike perkowitz