From Mr disco
Sent Sun, Aug 31st 1997, 22:26


> POINT-1 reviews are adv. driven from my experience working for sunth
> over hte years
> reviews are given in add revenue priority

This is definitely true.  Has anyone seen any Doepfer or MAM products
reviewed in Keyboard magazine?  Notice they don't advertize there.  When
was the last time you read a truly BAD review in one of these magazines?

> point 2-I know the 303 does not sound like the machines it was ment to
> replace but it is a
> good sound module when contrilled from a good sequencer...a good bang for
> the buck..

Good bang for the buck??  Why should I pay for the onboard sequencer if to
get the best use out of it, I'm going to end up sequencing it externally,
anyway?  Plus, when you use the MC-303 in tone module mode, you lose
real-time parameter control (one of many VERY STUPID "features"), which
pretty much makes it the equivalent of a SoundCanvas with a different
sample set.  If I'm getting something to use as just a tone module, I
expect to pay a tone module price.  I certainly wouldn't look for something
with a sequencer and knobs on it that I don't intend to use.  I can think
of a lot of preset tone modules that cost a lot less.

However, if I take it out of that mode and enable those features that I
paid for (sequencer, knobs, etc...) it doesn't work very well that way,
either.  It would be perfect if it had MIDI knobs and a better sequencer
that could be used as a controller for other synths as well (since I
wouldn't get it for the onboard sounds, anyway, except maybe the drum
samples and some filler sounds), but it obviously was not designed with
that purpose in mind.  The only way these features become really useful is
when it's used as a stand-alone machine, which to me, doesn't make it worth
the price they're asking for it.

Mr disco