Re: Doepfer Modular - foundation for AH synth?

From atombee
Sent Mon, Apr 24th 1995, 10:20

>>PS: And they already spoke of releasing the "intersting" models later.
>>In summer they hope to be able to offer also lin or exp. ADRS,
>>I think they also talked about a different VFC module, and several others.
>Since these prices are so good, would it make sense to base AH modules on
>the same frame, front panel, power supply connections, etc.? This way a
>user could start with an affordable, ready-to-run "basic" system and then
>add AH modules as their fancy and time permitted.

That's a good idea.

I know I am about two months late on the AH modular discussion ... but I
always thought it would be a great idea for you guys involved to build a
sophisticated analogue processing unit, rather that a oscillator based
modular synth ... VC filters, slope generators, a sample & hold, a couple
LFO's, maybe a VC phaser, a couple VCA's ... all patch programmable, with
several different ways to trigger stuff (pulse, DIN, midi) ... as well as
various ins and outs and for audio ...

That would certainly be compatible with the Doepfer modular. I put
everything thru the serge at one time or another (usually syncing the
filter CV's or stepped function or LFO's to some pulse in clock (like off a
drum machine) ... adds worlds of possibility!

I think if you focussed on processing power you would find it a very open
ended way to go ... and more manageable, spec-wise ...

Just .02 from a guy who _knows_ which end of a soldering iron to pick up
(but not much more) ...


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