[AH] Modular spring reverb quality

From drew
Sent Fri, Mar 21st 2008, 18:03

 	So. I really miss my spring reverbs... I'm trying to avoid the 
whole "buy several old units, keep one, spend months reselling the rest" 
cycle that I perpetuated for many years, so I've been thinking about 
getting a MODULAR spring verb.

 	I have some questions though. What's the quality like on the 
various companies' modules? I have both a Eurorack and a dotcom system. My 
dotcom has a big hole in the upper-right, so it'd be perfect, if it sounds 
right. Euro would be fine, but I'd have to hack a hole in it to access the 
spring ins/outs, which would look a little booty.

 	Other options would be the Doepfer reverb, or (maybe) the Demeter 
Real Reverb. The problem with the Demeter being that I wouldn't want to 
hit it with DC or kick it around, which is half of the fun of having a 
spring reverb. It's also a lot more expensive. I'm sure it sounds good, 
too, but does it sound TOO good? Did they design the spring out of the 
spring reverb?

 	Something I've also wanted to try is switching up spring tanks on 
the same reverb. I don't mind sourcing/buying a few different 
Accutronics/whatever-brand tanks and altering them at my leisure... Don't 
remember if it was the Allen Strange book or somewhere else, but I recall 
some patch being made with a spring-verb tank that was stuffed full of 
cotton. This killed the longer reflections and was used for a string 
timbre. I'd imagine it would be nice to put some different sources through 
it to add interesting harmonics without the grossness/bleed that a 
ring-modulator adds to the signal.

 	Back in the day I spent a lot of time building electro-acoustic 
verbs and quasi-instruments to play and sample. I used to have a shitload 
of scavenged electrical and mechanical parts, so it was essentially free. 
And fun. These days I lack the time to meticulously glue contact/electret 
mics to old springs, and I lack the springs, and I lack an electronics 
workshop, and, well, let's be honest, I lack patience and a good attitude. 
The rest of the list is off-topic so I'll stop here. :)


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