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I figure some midwest AHers might be interested in playing at this... take
care.. I hope this doesn't make you vomit =)

(contact info is at the bottom)


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Convention: July 3-5 10am-10pm Cincinnati Convention Center
featuring: Exhibition Stage - 36 hours of unsigned DJs and PAs;
                Booths - over a hundred booths from related fields:
                    DJ - Intimidation, Vestax, etc;
                    Instruments - Yamaha, Mackie, Waldorf, Doepfer, etc;
                    Lights & Sound - McCauley, Lightwave Research, etc;
                    Labels - Sony Music, Astralwerks, etc;
                    Media - MTV, Massive, Drop, Activated, etc.
                Guest speakers & seminars TBA

Parade: July 4 early afternoon Downtown Cincinnati
featuring: 20 floats with independent sound systems and dozens of
                the world's most reknowned DJs and PAs, starting with
                the most complete collection of MTV's Amp artists ever.

The Night Events: July 2-4 in area concert halls, clubs, and dancehalls
featuring: the nation's top promoters, currently including some of the
                most influential event makers of Chicago, New York, S.F.,
                Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, Missouri, and Florida.

New updates every 7 days at starting January 4
Full automated voicemail system starts January 11 (888) 7/4/98-CVG
If you would like to be on the Exhibition Stage, submit tapes to:
CALICO Attn: Dave
5825 Vine St. 2nd Floor
Cincinnati, OH 45216
(please write your name and number on the tape for easy contact)

for booth/sponsor/promoter info, write