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From jeanniel
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> > > Why doesnt a decent manufacturer like Serge

Imagine, Serge drummachine? It'd be a really cool piece I bet, but, alas, you
would not be able to afford it.


Doepfer, I am sure, is working on something like that. At least they almost
have the 808-like drum trig sequencer (at list it's sort of mentioned in the
catalogue), which supposed to be like 8 808 interfaces put together or
something like that, as Doepfer guys did not really go into depth discussing
the features....

> or even Oberhiem come
> > > up with a new adjustable analog drum box at a decent price?
> > 

Oberheim? They never made any analogue drum machines, and I don't think they
ever will... Besides, it'd be buggy as hell :)

> > politics.
> More like: money.  While the market for techno-making equipment is 
> certainly growing, it's still not big enough for big companies like 
> Roland or Korg or Ensoniq (whatever) to make a run of devices like an 
> analogue drum machine, say, worth their while.  They'd have to invest 
> lots of engineering money, marketing money, retooling money, etc etc etc 
> to dream of making a modern analog.

Well, manufacturing cost of Korg Prophecy is probably somewhat lower compare
to any analogue synth... 


> I think Oberheim figured this out when they came out with the OB-Mx.  Who 
> owns one of these?  It's incredibly expensive, though new, and almost 
> everyone I've talked to has said the same thing: "eh.  whatever."  It 
> doesn't sound like a $4000 synthesizer, I'll tell you that much.  It'd be 
> great to just say "hey, we need an affordable analog new-out-of-the-box," 
> but when you compare the profit margin of recycling the technology being 
> used now with some new samples... to the profit margin of a completely 
> new analog box, the manufacturers would be very stupid to say 'ok, let's 
> try it', at least in a business sense.
> I wonder how many workstation-pcm-type synthesizers are sold in a year.  
> That would put things into perspective.
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