[AH] CLIFF 1/8" jacks

From Ross Goniakowski
Sent Wed, Dec 27th 2006, 21:41

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i'm purchasing a Doepfer Universal Vactrol mod to add voltage control to va=
rious Doepfer modules in my A100 system...i'm going to need to add some jac=
ks to the modules that have space...some modules will need several jacks, s=
o i was thinking of either purchasing a A180 Multiple and removing the boar=
d and using the jacks to wire up to the correct points, or simply putting j=
acks on a blank panel...=0A=0Aeither way, anyone know which jacks are used =
in the Doepfer gear? i understand they are made by CLIFF, but Analogue Have=
n does not sell them, and i'm not sure the best place or exactly which kind=
 to order...thanks very much for your time....=0A=0Arg